About EtchIt

Jude Lagarde, a graduate of Louisiana State University’s College of Art and Design, became interested in glass as an art form in the early 90′s. He began with simple experimentation and home-schooling himself in the technique of surface etching. His natural talent was quickly recognized by those around him and he was soon designing and etching glass doors and windows in several cities in Louisiana. The success of his self-taught basic knowledge of surface etching encouraged him to seek professional training as well. He attended school in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he was trained by Etch Master Professional Glass Consultants to use additional techniques of glass etching to expand his capabilities in this exciting media.

The name of his studio, Etchit Glass for Living, conveys how glass in our immediate surroundings can transcend its role of functionality to an art form of self-expression to be appreciated on a daily basis. Etchit Glass for Living specializes in architectural glass etching design to adorn any glass surface from your entry door to your shower door.

Windows, mirrors, table tops, book case/cabinet fronts and free-hanging art work are additional architectural features which can be enhanced through etching. Etched glass is a reflection of ones personality and life style. It is a unique expression which is appreciated from both the interior perspective as well as the exterior perspective. Etchit Glass for Living is dedicated to providing this service to your complete satisfaction. Design choices are endless. We provide thousands of patterns in various styles for your selection. Consultation service is free in helping you to select the one which best accomplishes your purpose and represents your taste. Custom designed art work is also offered to suit your individual needs.

In addition to architectural etching, we can rise to any occasion by etching personalized party favors such as stem ware and gift items. Whatever your need might be, give us a call or contact us and let us Etchit for you.