Past Clients

Etchit Glass for Living surface-etched glass panels for four bookcase doors in our home. The custom design that my husband and I chose duplicated our wall paper pattern onto the glass, to enhance our tailored interior design. Should we ever decide to change our wallpaper, the timeless etched design would continue to serve as a lovely accent to our family room bookcase. We have been so pleased with Mr. Lagarde s work, we have recently selected a beautiful prepared stencil design to be etched onto a large wall mirror in our breakfast area. Our living space has been personalized and greatly enhanced by the work of Etchit Glass for Living.

Mr.& Mrs. Ike Galyean, Slidell, Louisiana

My entry door and two fixed windows were custom designed and surface etched by Etchit Glass for Living. The very simple approach of etching my address on the transom above my entry door was very affordable and adds a custom designed statement. My fixed windows were designed using native Louisiana plant materials. I highly recommend this imaginative and skillful artisan of Etchit Glass for Living.

Mrs. Laurie Bonnaffons, New Orleans, Louisiana

Several interior transoms in our home were brought to life with an Art Deco prepared stencil design surface-etched onto them by Etchit Glass for Living. Our rooms now have a sense of enclosure and style that they previously lacked. We are very happy with the results.

Mr. & Mrs. Ben Lacour, Metairie, Louisiana

After seeing custom work created by Etchit Glass for Living I commissioned this company to duplicate a favorite design of mine from a round, convex, copper wall plaque onto mirror as a surface etching. I was so pleased with the finished product, I ordered a second one as a gift, but with a design change personalized for the new owner. Friends who have seen these like them so much, I am now ordering additional ones as Christmasgifts.

Ms. Cindy Green, Ester, Louisiana

I am fascinated with marine life. Etchit Glass for Living etched an underwater scene on the back, as well as the front of a mirror panel, to create the illusion of perspective for me. I enjoy seeing it every day and recommend the work of Jude Lagarde as a talented and capable artist who can personalize your surroundings too.

Mr. Robert Menard, Forked Island, Louisiana

I ordered over fifty commemorative wine glasses from Etchit Glass for Living. Mr. Lagarde worked with me to custom create the design, and he got the glasses to me ahead of schedule. The glasses turned out beautifully and were the hit of the party. No one could believe we had such an elegant and yet affordable party favor.

Kira Blaisdell-Sloan, San Francisco, California

As Jude’s brother, I have seen first hand his artistic abilities in any of his endeavors. I have always been impressed by his natural creativity in producing any kind of artistic project. He etched the glass in my front and rear doors in my house before he had any formal training. Many people entering my home have complimented his work.

Charles Lagarde, New Orleans, Louisiana